Nature does nothing for nothing

This is the history of a big family, from the rural tradition to the constant dedication, from the strong bond with land to the respect for nature. The research for high quality, professionalism and a special care of its employees, create a vision of this big Company.

A virtuous group, where the love for nature and the dedication to work represent the key factories for success. Ferrera S.r.l. looks to the present but with a shifted look into the future, an innovative future in this constantly changing world.

The history of Ferrera Company is the story of a big love for land and for Sicily. Our history begins with the passion of Stefano Ferrera. His family comes from a humble rural tradition. Since he was a young man, Stefano dedicates himself to cultivating artichokes, the typical product of the Sicilian territory, with love and passion. We are in the ‘70s.

The everyday work in the fields is very hard. The memories of that period are very precious: the alarm at dawn to go to the fields, the farmers with their sleepy smile, and then the breakfast eaten in the “trazzera”, street near to artichokes’ fields whose vivid green color you could glimpse while sun rises. You burned some wood to heat your hands and boots, you ate broiled olives and sausage and drank a glass of red wine to warm your heart , and obviously you ate the artichokes just harvested.

It is the dawn of the ‘80s and Stefano extends his business day by day throughout Sicily. The work increases and the fruits of labor begin to see. It’s 1955, you go from the fields to the stores. The increase of production helps the change of the artichokes’ sales system: you go from the local marketing to the distribution into farmers’ markets. It is the time of a new store, the turnover increases. Next to the artichokes’ production, there are other Sicilian products like tomatoes, eggplants and zucchinis, and other many excellences of this rich and precious land.

A new millennium. 2000.

The big family is growing. The young men Salvatore La Porta and Alessandro La Russa , husbands of Stefano’s daughters Enzuccia and Marisa, like two sons for him, join the Ferrera group. The experience of Stefano and the energy of the two young men result a winning mix. Every passing day, the company grows, quality and employees increase together with the turnover.

They get extraordinary results. The dynamic, passionate and enterprising attitude of Salvatore is equilibrated by the prudence of Alessandro. Stefano represents the tie-breaker, he manages to take the advice of both young men and so, investments and investments again, this is the successful idea. A new ground is bought, as well as a larger deposit and better equipment. The leitmotiv is work, work, work!

Ferrera Company was founded. November 2003.

The company network is growing. The local producers are incorporated in the company for the distribution of the goods in the Sicilian markets. The team consolidates and the growth is exponential. Efficiency and spirit of self-sacrifice stay the full stop/fixed point.

In 2010 Salvatore (25) is elected as managing director and Alessandro (26) becomes part of the board. Stefano keeps the presidency. The employees are entrusted for more and more important tasks, such as Fabio Pardo, who kept the books since 2004,and now he passes to sales and enforces his role inside the company. This an important year for the company ,it comes to charge large amounts which triple in the coming years. It was a fantastic success, despite the global economic crisis that hit the agricultural sector too.

And so… what is the secret of Ferrera? First of all, passion. A meticulous management control and an excellent staff training are a must for the company through constant refresher training courses and permanent presence in the most important exhibitions all around the world.

The focus on innovation is fundamental together with the research for young and brilliant minds.
However, the secret of Ferrera is in his sincere relation with land and in his loving care of this wonderful fortune.

Transformation like evolution. 2013.

In this age where the economic contraction rages and the competition among foreign countries increases, the Gruppo Ferrera strongly insists on the high quality of production and the company diversification of product. It suggests an alternative business to the foreign productions, it is low cost and aims to new markets.

Old tradition, new reality. 2014.

During these years it is founded the new production plant. It is an outright flagship of the engineering and industrial avant-garde. The Gruppo Ferrrera stipulates new agreements and undertakes many partnerships in the foreign market. The presence multiply at the exhibitions. The research for the preparation of sauces finds her roots in the culinary tradition of Sicilian grandma. A genuine and tasty product like C’era una volta. Very fresh and just harvested products of Sicilian countryside reach the new production plant and become ready sauces, rich sauces and fanciful paté in single portions. With the line C’era una volta the Gruppo Ferrera answers in an innovative way to the new demands of the markets and its consumers who are more and more careful to the taste and quality of ingredients.

Datterino, Cherry Tomato,Pizzutello and Licobrìo enriched with the genuine vegetables riped under the sun of Sicily: artichokes, peppers, eggplants, mushrooms and chilli pepper become five delicious sauces and fanciful paté are thought for the most delicate tastes and for the recipes of all contemporary families. Flavours of the typical identity in a right dose just like once upon a time.

Gruppo Ferrera: today is tomorrow. 2016.

A network company that controls 5 companies; 250 employees; 120 farmers and 130 workmen; 90 cultivated hectares between covered surface and open field, 200 thousand kilograms of worked tomato per day; 20 families of products in 150 varieties.

“Everyday we stop for a moment and imagine what we will do in the next years ”. Definitely, made in Sicily.

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