Our quality and value is your guarantee

We help large and small companies to be more competitive wherever they do business. Our professionalism and customer service guarantees our clients receive the attention they need to succeed. Why do we work so hard for you?

Because we believe your brand deserves the same dedication and commitment we put into the Ferrera brand.

With Ferrera you are guaranteed the advice and support you need at all product stages like:

  • recipe identification and development
  • graphic and packaging design
  • warehousing
  • logistics

Our cutting edge production facility in Niscemi was completed in 2015, and covers more than 30 000 mt2.

This one-of-a-kind facility features all stainless steel machinery along a diversified production line. Its unique design ensures smooth, problem-free production from start-to-finish.

Our professionalism and leading edge work ethic have been recognized at the international level: